Quick Start

Installing and running on the Windows platform

  1. Download the NetToolset installer from the Inteliance website. Select the file according to your operating system and bit count.
  2. Run the installer and follow the steps of the installation Wizard to complete the install.
  3. Once the installer finishes, NetToolset is available at the Windows Start Menu.
  4. Admin privileges are required to run NetToolset since it uses raw sockets to enable advanced options for Ping and Traceroute tools.

User Interface Overview

The first thing you notice is the simplified User Interface (UI). Our design goal is to provide fast workflows through a clean UI. Let's take a look at the basic UI to quickly get an idea how NetToolset works.

The application window is designed around a "tabbed layout" system. The tabs at the top allow you to quickly access the interface/page for the corresponding networking tool. Each tab page provides different options that are self-explanatory, hence will not be covered in more details.

All the tools (except Traceroute) provide an option to query multiple hosts at the same time. To do that, you can:
  • Submit a comma-separated list of IP addresses or DNS names.
  • Import file or paste an external list of hosts. NetToolset has a Smart Paste feature which detects hostnames and IPs in an arbitrary text like HTML pages and message headers.